Presentation ceremony of the book, “Our Day of Salvation” at Heydar Aliyev Heritage Centre

Heydar Aliyev Heritage Centre thinks that it is important to appeal to Heydar Aliyev heritage in upbringing the young generation, children and adults in the spirit of love to our national and moral values, and customs and makes effort to propagate in primary schools, the life is this great man example.


Education Department of the Centre held an essay writing competition on the theme of “Our Day of Salvation” in pilot Schools 7 and 132 of Sabail district and 17 of Khatai district of Baku to determine their active position in life and their attitude to the National Salvation Day, which is a turning point in our history. The schoolchildren could express their thoughts and feelings in their essays well and exactly on the above mentioned theme.


Writings and photos of the winners of the competition have been published in the book, “Our Day of Salvation”, published by the Centre.


The presentation ceremony of the book, “Our Day of Salvation” was held at Heydar Aliyev Heritage Centre on June 13, which was attended by the teachers of the above mentioned schools and the winners of the competition.


Speking in the ceremony, Asaf Nadirov, academician, chairman of the Research Editorial Board, Tofig Ismayilov, professor, well-known producer, Chimnaz Asadova, a teacher of Azerbaijani language and literature at school 132, stressed that the competition gave opportunities to the schoolchildren to discover their potentials and express their attitude to customs and congratulated them. It was stated that this extent is a preparation for much large competitions for the schoolchildren to be organized by the Centre.


Souvenirs were given to the winners at the end of the ceremony.